Top Five Articles from September: ESG, Mutual Fund Momentum, the US Economy

Top Five Articles from September: ESG, Mutual Fund Momentum, the US Economy

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1. Who Cares (About ESG) Wins: Asset Owners Step Up

If there were any doubt as to ESG’s efficacy in portfolio management, recent efforts by some of the world’s largest asset owners may finally put the question to rest, Thomas Brigandi, Paul McCaffrey, and Paul Kovarsky, CFA, observe.

2. Let‘s Get Physical 2: Body Language and Physical Fixes

Financial advisers care about body language and so do clients and potential clients, says Barbara Stewart, CFA. So how can we repair our physical faux pas? She checks in with nonverbal communication expert Mark Bowden for insight on this question and more.

3. Chasing Mutual Fund Performance: Follow the Momentum?

How does mutual fund momentum chasing play out in the US market? Nicolas Rabener shares his analysis.

4. The US Economy: Eight More Years of Expansion?

The current recovery may be a long one by historical standards. But it may be some time before we see the end of it. Mark Armbruster, CFA, explains why.

5. Liquid Alternatives: Alternative Enough?

How do liquid alternatives perform from a risk-and-return perspective in the context of an equity portfolio? Nicolas Rabener discusses his findings.

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